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famili▓es," the statement said.Reducing the workload on▓ children was also a catchword at this year's two sessions, with many deputies and members calling for l▓ess homework for young students.Wang Guoqing, ▓sp

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ld a news briefing that school students in China spen▓t an average of 2.82 hours doing their homework each day, about thr

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ee times the global average."The government will spare no effort to resolve the heavy workloads of primary and secondary school students," Premier Li Keqiang said on March 5, when he delivered t▓he Government Work Report at the first session of th

e 13th National People's Cong▓ress.In line with the education authorities' guidelines, two district education bureaus in Hangzhou, Z▓hejiang province, issued new guidelin

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